Meet our beloved clinic Animal Friends:



  • Annie is a beautiful, sweet soul who loves spending time in the clinic.  She was adopted by our clinic owner.  Deb Fenton, through the Safe Harbor Lab Rescue about three years ago. She loves being petted and enjoys seeing all of her friends each week. She is always happy to perform tricks for treats (preferably Goldfish crackers). She and Bieber get along great and can often be found laying near one another.



  • A few of our therapists were visiting the Dumb Friends League one day in November 2013 and determined our clinic would make a lovely home for “Bieber”. He was nick-named Bieber by the shelter staff because of his exceptional hair-do that would make most other bunnies jealous. He is a very popular, well-loved, and spoiled bunny with a huge fan club. The children love coming to the clinic to see Bieber. He often greets the kids as they come in and he enjoys being petted and getting healthy treats from all of his friends. He provides a very calm, safe, and friendly feeling environment for our young clients. If there is such a thing as a “therapy bunny”, we think Bieber is fulfilling this role nicely. In his spare time, Bieber enjoys hopping, running, jumping, begging for treats, and chewing on the corners of wooden furniture.


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